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    Turkish-Russian JEC to convene on Tuesday

    Anatolian Agency
    26.05.2008 - 13:28 | Son Güncelleme:

    The 8th term meeting of the Turkish-Russian Joint Economic Commission (JEC) will begin in Moscow on Tuesday. The meeting will end on May 28.

    The Turkish Foreign Trade Undersecretariat said on Monday Turkish Energy and Natural Resources Minister Hilmi Guler and Russian Industry and Trade Minister Viktor Khristenko would co-chair the JEC meeting. 

    Officials will discuss the developments which have been recorded in commercial and economic relations since the 7th term JEC meeting that took place in Istanbul in May, 2006.

    Officials will also take up the development of a multi-dimensional partnership and the implementation of a regional opening strategy, and they will sign a cooperation agreement which envisages liberalization of the movement of capital, services and products between the two countries.

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