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    Turkish Police brutality caused shock around the world

    08.03.2005 - 12:06 | Son Güncelleme:

    The demonstration of police brutality at the protests running up to Women's Day made national news around the world and provoked a reaction from the European Union of "shock and anxiety", when a police officer pushed a woman to the ground and kicked her violently.

    Police intervened in the demonstration Sunday in response to several leftist slogans with pepper spray, dispersing the crowds. The woman who was pushed to the ground fell flat on her face during the rush as the crowds broke apart. As her group fell apart, a young woman in a white coat was pushed to the ground by a policeman who came up behind her. As the woman tried to get up she was kicked in the head by a policeman wearing boots. Documentation of this event was shown frequently on television.

    The events of Sunday's protests occurred just before an important EU Troykası meeting in Ankara, creating the illusion of sabotage. In a written statement from Brussels EU officials responded to the event by saying, “We are shocked by the instances of brutality shown towards women and young people by the police for International Women’s Day. This demonstration of violence has shocked us. We disapprove of all forms of violence because demonstrations must be peaceful.”

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