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    Turkish Parliamentary delegation to travel to Lebanon

    Hürriyet Haber
    04.08.2006 - 14:11 | Son Güncelleme:

    “Turkish Parliament's Human Rights Inquiry Commission members will travel to the region to assess how big are the human rights violations in Lebanon and Palestine, and to decide on what Turkey could do in this regard”, sources said on Friday. Mehmet Elkatmis, chairman of the Commission held a news conference at Parliament building today and made public the text of a statement adopted in yesterday's meeting of the commission.

    The statement affirms that “Israel committed crimes against humanity and violated human rights (of local people) by the massacres it carried out in Palestine and Lebanon”.

    Israel occupied Golan in 1967 and Gaza in 1973 and drove out inhabitants of the territories in question to settle its own people in their places. Israel undermined peace, freedom, safety and tranquility with its policies during its 60-year old existence in the Middle East,” the statement recalled.

    ”Israel oppressed people of the region unmercifully and hurt the conscience of world public opinion. How long will this inhumane cruelty and massacres will go on? Are they waiting for more people to die, or Palestine and/or Lebanon to be erased from the map? Why are the UN Security Council, EU, and world powers remain silent and
    indifferent against this brutality?” the statement added.

    The statement said, “some countries, mainly the USA, brings its financial and moral support to this massacre. This encourages Israel further. Israel is bombing the civilian targets night and day, massacring children, women, elderly civilians, as well as UN peace officers. Beyond this, energy and water resources, highways, bridges, schools, hospitals, infrastructure and houses are razed. This way, even those who survived will not be able to continue their livings.”

    “The world should 'stop' this state terrorism. International organizations should convene urgently to impose sanctions on Israel,” it noted.

    The statement also called on Hezbollah and other organizations to set free the Israeli soldiers they were abducted and put an end to their terrorist activities.

    “The bloodshed in the Middle East should be stopped. The UN should not keep silent anymore. Those, who turned the Middle East to a lake of blood, should be judged in International War Crimes Tribunal” the statement remarked.  

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