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    Turkish literature introduced to the world at Frankfurt Book Fair

    HotNewsTurkey Staff
    14.10.2008 - 11:09 | Son Güncelleme:

    The debate over how to usher Turkish literature onto the world stage may finally be closed on Tuesday as Turkey is introduced as the honorary guest at the world's most prestigious book fair, the 60th Frankfurt Book Fair.

    The Frankfurt book fair is showcasing Turkey this year, which has special significance in Germany, home to 2.4 million Turks.

    Nobel laureate Orhan Pamuk counts among some 300 Turkish authors -- of the 1,000 writers represented -- invited for the four-day event. Pamuk and Turkey's President Abdullah Gul are expected to speak at the fair's official opening on Tuesday night.

    Turkey has made the biggest move in promoting its culture and arts abroad thanks to a joint effort undertaken by its Culture Ministry, national companies and writers' unions.

    "Writers, publishers, writers' unions and copyright agencies have together created a strong synergy. This was a unique kind of solidarity," Umit Yasar Gozum, co-chair of the committee, told the Turkish Daily News (TDN).

    The Culture Ministry allocated 5 million euros from its budget and the Prime Ministry Promotion Fund to provide the best representation possible at the fair, the TDN reported.

    Besides Turkey, China -- the special guest of next year’s Frankfurt fair -- will also play a prominent role in Frankfurt this week, with representatives from 108 Chinese publishing houses attending.




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