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    Turkish Intelligence very close to capturing the Uzans

    Hürriyet Haber
    02.03.2005 - 15:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced today (Tuesday) that, based on Turkish intelligence reports, the Uzan family members who are being sought by Turkish security forces globally, have been tracked down and will soon be arrested by Interpol forces present in a country where they are hiding.

    While no immediate details were provided, an A.A correspondent was told by Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Namik Tan that Turkey is preparing to make an official request from certain authorities whose country is being used by the Uzans as a shelter.

    ''We are maintaining diplomatic initiatives for the return of the Uzan family members to Turkey. When and how the Uzans will be brought to Turkey are not clear at this point. However, we have firm evidence of where the fugitive Uzans are living currently,'' told Tan.

    Turkish Minister of Justice Cemil Cicek has informed the A.A. that his ministry received information from four sources confirming the intelligence received by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign on the whereabouts of the Uzans.

    Asked if he could make public the name of the country where the Uzans are hiding, Cicek replied that ''for the time being, we will not disclose the name of the country where the Uzans are hiding. We do not want to cause any uproar that is not necessary.''

    In response to another question on the possibility of declaring the ambassador of the country where the Uzans are hiding as a ''persona non grata,'' Cicek replied that his administration will, most definitely and surely, take the necessary steps to bring to justice
    those who have assisted and, to a some extent, guided the Uzans in certain fields.

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