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    Turkish Foreign Ministry acknowledges agreement; underlines that it was never implemented

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    04.07.2007 - 15:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    The Turkish Foreign Ministry has made a public statement in relation to the "grant" agreement signed between the US and Turkey, an international agreement referred to by first CHP general leader Deniz Baykal and then MHP Antalya MP candidate Deniz Bolukbasi.

    Both men insisted that the ruling AKP had signed away Turkey's right to intervene in Northern Iraq in return for a large amount of money from the US. In the Foreign Ministry's statement, it was confirmed that an agreement between the US and Turkey had in fact been signed on September 22, 2003, but that there was no stipulation about Turkey not intervening in Northern Iraq in said agreement. Most significantly, the ministry statement did not that the agreement was never implemented, after an assessment that concluded that the Turkish economy's strength was such that there was no need for financial support from the US as a result of the ongoing intervention into Iraq. Part of the ministry's statement is as follows:

    "An agreement between Turkey and the US that forsaw the negative effect of the US military operation in Iraq on Turkey's economy, and with an aim to lessen that, and with an aim to support the ongoing Turkish economic reforms, was signed on September 22, 2003 between Turkey and the US. The agreement was for a donation to Turkey of one billion dollars, which could also be turned into 8.5 billion dollars of credit for Turkey. It was never a pre-condition of this agreement that Turkey not intervene single-handedly in Iraq. Turkey never offered any promises regarding not intervening in Iraq as far as this agreement was concerned. In accordance with the agreement, if during the installment payments of the one billion dollars to Turkey, Turkey does in fact engage in a military intervention into Iraq, the US does have the right to shelve the remaining payments of the one billion dollars. To wit, it is a part of the agreement that if in fact Turkey does engage in military intervention, this feature of the agreement, the payment, would be erased.
    After the above-mentioned agreement had been signed, it was decided on the basis of the Turkish economy's peformance, its stability, and its sustainable growth, as well as the structural reforms and positive effects of deep-rooted changes that in fact our country had no need for such financial support, and thus the implementation of this economic support agreement was passed up on. When the Treasury Undersecretary made its decision on this subject, the US side was informed by a formal diplomatic note. And since there was no element of secrecy to this agreement, the Treasury Ministry shared its decisions and statements with the public at the time."
    The Foreign Ministry statement also noted that the agreement referred to was never submitted to the Turkish Parliament for either approval or implementation.

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