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    Turkish envoy in Baghdad meets with Kurdish leader Barzani

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    28.02.2006 - 11:18 | Son Güncelleme:

    It has been revealed that Turkey's Special Envoy to Iraq, Oguz Celikkol, met with Kurdish leader Mesut Barzani over the weekend to pass on important messages from Turkey. Sources say that the bulk of Celikkol's meeting with Barzani focused on the Kurdish Regional Authority based in Kirkuk, as well as the growing sectarian violence across Iraq. Barzani met with Celikkol in his official capacity as "leader of the Iraqi Kurdistan Democratic Party."

    Turkey slated to recognize "Regional Kurdish Authority" soon
    Part of Celikkol's message to Barzani was that Turkey would officially recognize the "Regional Kurdish Authority" following the implementation of the new Iraqi Constitution by the country's parliament, and also in the wake of a four month period during which certain changes may be affected in said constitution. A top level Ankara official explained this part of the message as follows:
    "We are required to accept a constitution which has been accepted by the Iraqis. Like other international societies, we too will recognize structures and organizations which are laid out in the Iraqi Constitution. And as for the four month period, there are not many changes expected in the Constitution anyway."
    On the subjects of terror and security, it planned that Ankara will be primary contact with central government in Baghdad, although sources insist "this does not represent a blockade to one on one contacts between Ankara and local regional governments within Iraq."
    Celikkol warns: sectarian violence in Kirkuk very dangerous
    Noteably, Celikkol issued a warning to Barzani from Turkey on the subject of Kirkuk. Pointing at growing sectarian violence within Iraq, Celikkol stressed that a similar situation in the Kirkuk area woudl be extremely dangerous, and underlined the necessity of maintaining ethnic balance in Kirkuk. Within this framework, Celikkol expressed to Barzani the importance of agreement among the ethnic Turkmen, Arap, and Kurdish population in the region.
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