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    Turkish court rejects editor's appeal

    Hürriyet Haber
    02.05.2006 - 09:54 | Son Güncelleme:

    An Armenian editor, who lives in Turkey and was found guilty under article 301 of insulting Turkishness last year when he described Turkish blood as dirty in relation to the so-called Armenian genocide, has had his appeal turned down. Hrant Dink was given a six-month suspended sentence last October for writing an article which discussed the so-called genocide.

    In February, the case was interpreted by the Appeals Court of which the chief prosecutor stated that the remarks made by Dink were in no way insulting, however, the court has ignored its previous statements and now said that the charge is still valid.

    Hrant Dink is said to be very distressed by the entire episode and has even gone as far as saying should his name not be cleared in Turkey, he would have to leave the country for good.

    The case is being closely watched by the European Union, as it holds concerns over Turkey's freedom of speech laws. Something which will need to be addressed as Dink is not the only person being scrutinized under the infamous article 301

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