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    Turkish business leader released in the Ergenekon investigation

    Hurriyet English with wires
    15.07.2008 - 09:50 | Son Güncelleme:

    Ankara Chamber of Trade (ATO) chairman, Sinan Aygun, who was arrested in the Ergenekon investigation, was released late on Monday by an Istanbul High Criminal Court, who accepted the demands of his lawyers.

    "I was a guest of the Turkish state for 14 days. If you excuse me, I am not talking much today. I will make statements following the ATO Assembly meeting on Tuesday," Aygun told reporters following his release from prison.


    The court also decided to release Barbaros Hayrettin Altintas, who was also being held in custody within the scope of the same operation, together with Aygun.


    However, Aygun and Altintas will not be allowed to leave Turkey.  


    The court also dismissed objections regarding the detention of eight others, including retired generals, Hursit Tolon and Sener Eruygur.


    Eruygur and Tolon, as well as Aygun, were detained under the latest wave of detainment in Ergenekon probe on July 1.


    The Ergenekon operation, which started in June 2007 with the discovery of grenades in a house in Istanbul’s Umraniye district, is allegedly a crackdown on an illegal organization believed to be planning provoking events that would pave the way for a military coup to overthrow the AKP government.


    The detainees will be charged with the crimes of “forming an armed terrorist organization, being member of a terrorist organization, and aiding the organization.”



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