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    Turkish army's plans to move stations after attack raise eyebrows

    HotNewsTurkey Staff
    06.10.2008 - 15:43 | Son Güncelleme:

    Turkish army's announcement of its plans to move five military stations raised eyebrows.

    General Hasan Igsiz, the army’s deputy chief, said at a press briefing on Sunday five military stations, including Aktutun the target of Friday’s deadly PKK attack, would be transferred from their current mountainous locations along the border in southeastern Turkey. 


    Works had begun last year to move Aktutun outpost to Bercar Tepe, Igsiz said, adding that the outpost would be moved by 2009. 


    Friday’s PKK attack was the fifth launched against the Aktutun gendarmerie station, in which a total of 44 soldiers have been killed since 1992.


    Observers and experts are divided over the timing of the announcement and the plans to move the stations.


    Some commentators and observers questioned on Monday that if the stations were to be moved, then the security situation in the Aktutun station, the target of Friday's PKK attack, could have been strengthened.


    However others say the terror organization would benefit from such debates and that the military posts had been targeted in numerous attacks and therefore moving them is the right decision.


    The stations are positioned on the mountainous areas bordering Turkey and Iraq, and are of strategic importance as they positioned on the transit route used by terrorists to enter Turkish territory from their bases in northern Iraq.

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