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    Turkey's PM Erdogan calls on action from N.Iraq over PKK

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    05.10.2008 - 18:48 | Son Güncelleme:

    Erdogan Sunday urged Iraqi Kurds to take action against the separatist PKK, whose members cross from camps in the mountains of northern Iraq to launch attacks in Turkey.

    "There are measures to be taken against the PKK hideouts. We are expecting positive action on the ground," Erdogan said from the central province of Kirikkale where he attended the funeral ceremony of Specialized Sergeant Hasan Aygor who was killed in Friday's terrorist attack.


    Senior officials will meet Thursday to discuss further measures against the PKK, he also said, adding that psychological, social, socio-economic, and diplomatic aspects of the issue would be reassessed and the necessary measures would be immediately implemented.


    Erdogan also referred to remarks by the U.N., NATO, EU and the U.S. strongly condemning the terrorist attack and said these remarks did not solve the problem. Erdogan said they were expecting the international community to take joint action to cut the financial resources of the terrorist organization.

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