GeriGündem Turkey's AKP deputies would transfer to another party, if closed
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Turkey's AKP deputies would transfer to another party, if closed

Turkey's ruling AKP is in talks with another political party to transfer its deputies in case a closure decision comes from the Constitutional Court, instead of forming a new political party, Turkish broadcaster Kanal D reported on Friday.

Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan and the leader of Powerful Turkey Party (GTP) Tuna Beklevic held talks on a potential formula if the AKP is closed and reached a deal on the issue, the report added.

According to the deal, if AKP is closed by the Constitutional Court, the party would not form a new political party but the existing deputies, who would not be banned by the Court, would be transferred to the GTP, Kanal D said.

Beklevic declined to comment on the issue. "I cannot make any comment on the issue. I expect to be in a position to speak more frankly in the coming days. I am doing my best to help Turkey to overcome this turmoil," Kanal D quoted him as saying.

Local media had speculated that AKP and GTP are in efforts to merge after Erdogan and Beklevic held a meeting in early April. Both parties had denied the reports.

AKP would not seek to form a new political party to avoid a renewed risk of being closed as the constitution does not allow a closed party to continue its activities under another one.

Turkey has been locked in a political turmoil as everybody waits for the Court's ruling on the closure case, which is expected in early August. AKP has been accused of being "the focal point of anti-secular activities."

Turkey's chief prosecutor had demanded the Court to ban 71 officials, including more than 30 MPs, of the party as well as its closure. In case of a closure decision the number of banned deputies has a particular importance as it would determine whether the AKP would continue to hold its majority and single party government.

Also the number of banned AKP deputies will be decisive in regard to possible early general or by-elections. If less than 26 deputies are banned then holding early elections would depend on the decision of the successor of the AKP, which is expected to remain in power.

However if more than 26 AKP MPs are banned then, according to the constitution, by-elections should be called to replace the empty chairs in parliament.

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