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    Turkey widens "smoking ban" to most enclosed areas

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    19.05.2008 - 09:46 | Son Güncelleme:

    A law extending a smoking ban to most enclosed areas - including taxis, ferries and shopping malls - has come into effect in Turkey. As of midnight Monday, outdoor smoking was also banned in locations such as stadiums and playgrounds.

    According to a Prime Ministry notice clarifying the law, all enclosed areas, including tents and sunshades, with a roof are classified as non-smoking areas. The non-smoking ban also applies to areas that are partially covered.         

    Those who defy the ban will be fined 50 YTL ($40.65), a fine of 20 YTL ($16.25) will also be imposed for discarding empty cigarette packets and cigarette butts in the street.

    The smoking ban will be introduced into restaurants, coffeehouses and cafeterias as of July 19, 2009.      

    Smoking was already banned on buses and airplanes and in office buildings. The Turkish government has expanded the ban to include most enclosed places as part of an attempt to reduce smoking rates and the effects of second-hand smoking in the country .        

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