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    Turkey set to take "important steps" on Kyoto Protocol

    Anatolian Agency
    24.05.2008 - 17:02 | Son Güncelleme:

    Turkish President Abdullah Gul said Saturday United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and Kyoto Protocol were the most effective tools for sustainable development and Turkey was getting ready to assume its responsibilities as a party to UN convention.

    "I'd like to announce that serious works are under way to take very important steps in this respect," Gul told the annual conference of World Wildlife Fund (WWF) held in Aegean resort town of Bodrum. "I know that important steps will be taken very soon."

    Gul added developing countries should do their best on the way to sustainable development and take lessons from industrialized countries, while industrialized countries should take developing countries' concerns and expectations into account.

    It was the common responsibility of all countries to act rapidly and resolutely against global threats such as global warming and climate change, he said, adding the conference of the WWF, with its 50 years of experience on protection of environment, would yield favorable results on global climate change, the most vital social and economic problem; and the theme of the conference.

    WWF, which has more than 6 million supporters in over 100 countries, has been holding its annual conferences in different countries every year to set international priorities and approaches to wildlife protection.

    More than 200 participants from 56 countries, who are the chairpersons and high level officials of WWF in their countries, are discussing global climate change at this year's meeting in Bodrum.

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