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    Turkey’s first nuclear tender to be cancelled due to high price-report

    Hurriyet Daily News Online
    21.01.2009 - 14:52 | Son Güncelleme:

    The tender for Turkey's first nuclear tender is likely to be cancelled due to the high price offer and a shift in the location of the plant from the south of the country to the northern Black Sea region, Vatan daily reported on Wednesday.

    Turkey's state-run power company, TETAS will submit a "negative" report for the price bid in the nuclear tender and submit it to cabinet for approval, the daily said.


    The consortium, formed by Russia’s state-run Atomstroyexport, Inter RAO and Turkish Park Teknik had offered 21.16 cents kWh for the construction and management of nuclear power plant on Monday. The consortium however revised its initial price offer in another letter, but it was returned as such a move is not allowed under tender law.


    The consortium was the sole bidder in the tender, which was described as disappointing by some analysts, because a number of foreign and local companies that had previously expressed interest did not submit bids.


    Since Turkey’s Nuclear Tender Law does not allow for a second tender, the law will be amended, for which preparations were already underway, the daily reported.


    The cabinet is not expected to approve the tender, since the consortium's reported price offer was inline with the "rational price" principle, the report also said, adding that the tender was expected to be cancelled after the cabinet's decision.


    Vatan also said the location for the new nuclear plant is also planned to be changed, with the first preference being Turkey's northern Black Sea province of Sinop.


    Turkey plans to build three nuclear power plants as part of its efforts to reduce the country’s costly dependence on imported energy.


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