GeriGündem Turkey not to face Iranian gas cut during winter-official
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Turkey not to face Iranian gas cut during winter-official

Turkey not to face Iranian gas cut during winter-official
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Turkey will face no energy supply cuts during winter as gas production in Iran has increased, Riza Kesaizade, director general of the Iranian Natural Gas Export Company said on Thursday, the Anatolian Agency (AA) reported. (UPDATED)

"On an annual basis, we export 10 billion cubic meters of natural gas to Turkey. There will be no problems in supplying natural gas to Turkey this winter as production has increased," Kesaizade said.


Turkey, heavily dependent on foreign energy supplies, has faced shortage risks posed mainly by Iran's decision to cut the flow of natural gas to Turkey in previous years. Turkish and Iranian officials agreed to build an additional pipeline to secure the flow in order to avoid a similar situation.


Any halt to the flow of gas is also a matter of concern for the production of electricity, as more than 50 percent of the country's electricity is produced by natural gas.



Iran would meet 10 percent of the world's natural gas needs by 2025 and Turkey will be the key country to reach European markets, Kesaizade also said according to AA.


"We plan to realize our plan of transferring Iranian natural gas to the European market by 2014. Turkey is a key country through which we will reach Greece, Italy and other European markets," he added.


Iran aims to reach European markets through its Southern Pars pipeline project. The $8 billion pipeline project, still under construction, will cross from the Persian Gulf to Turkey.


The 1,860 kilometers pipeline is being planned to be linked to the EU-backed Nabucco project by the year 2014, and is estimated to eventually carry 110 million cubic meters of gas daily.


"The embargoes against Iran have a negative impact on the natural gas sector. Despite all obstacles, Iran is a country needed when it comes to natural gas," Kesaizade also said.


"Western energy companies have suspended investments in the Iranian natural gas sector. Nonetheless, Iran will continue to implement great energy projects," he added.


Iran has the world's second largest natural gas reserves after Russia.


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