GeriGündem Turkey munufactures fuselage of future cargo plane
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Turkey munufactures fuselage of future cargo plane

Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. (TUSAS) has been manufacturing fuselage of the A400M aircraft, Europe's biggest and most modern military transport aircraft.

The first aircraft is expected to be ready for delivery in 2012.

The $20 billion project was initiated in 2003 by seven partner nations; Turkey, Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium and Luxembourg, to renew their
military cargo planes.

Designed by Airbus Military, the A400M is a four-engine turboprop military transport aircraft.

The aircraft is equipped with new technologies doubling cargo capacity over existing aircraft, both in payload and volume.

It has a capacity of 37 tons- 120 fully equipped troops or paratroops, up to 66 stretchers accompanied by 10 medical personnel, two helicopters. Its maximum takeoff weight is 136.5 tons and its maximum speed is 560 km/h.

Under the program, 180 aircraft will be delivered to seven partner nations. Turkey will receive 10 aircraft.

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