GeriGündem Turkey getting prepared for entry talks with EU
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Turkey getting prepared for entry talks with EU

Turkey should rapidly establish legal structure for the control of ''State grants and incentives'' under the Competition chapter prior to the entry talks with the EU.

European Commission officials told on Monday that establishment of several institutions and organizations before the talks is important for rapid pursuing of the negotiations.

Recalling that Turkey adjusted its competition regulations to EU acquis with the establishment of Competition Institution under the Competition chapter, officials said that next important issue is ''State grants and incentives''.

European Commission sources said that a structure which will supervise State grants and incentives transparently does not exist in Turkey and this affects the competition negatively.

Sources stressed that State grants should be followed and supervised for complete implementation of competition policies.

Meanwhile, the draft on structuring and authorizing the State Planning Organization (DPT) to control State grants and incentives is at the Prime Ministry at the moment.

Commission sources said that DPT has human resources who have experience and information, but activities of such an institution should be independent for more transparent functioning.

Commission officials stressed that State incentives should be adjusted to competition rules.

Officials said that Turkey met 40 percent of the required issues which should be fulfilled in competition area, adding that it was provided with the establishment of Competition Institution.

Sources said that appointment of officials from ministries who will take part in negotiation delegation will save time for Turkey instead of naming the chief negotiator.

Sources added that ministries have not appointed expert staff yet which will take place in negotiation delegation.

Prior to the talks, in a probable restructuring, DPT will be in charge of economic coordination while Turkish Secretariat General for the EU will become Undersecretariat and will be responsible for chapters other than economy. Each negotiation group will be headed by an ambassador.

Sources said that 70-80 percent of negotiation topics are mainly related to economy, adding that structuring in this area is important.

According to previous experiences, the easiest chapters within negotiation process are industry, education, small and medium scale enterprises, statistics, science and research policies.

Other easiest chapters are fishery, economic and financial unity, eelecommunication and information technologies, protection and health of consumer, customs union, foreign economic relations, common foreign and security policies, financial control, culture and visual-auditory policies.

The most difficult chapters are agriculture, environment, justice and interior affairs, competition, free movement of people, finance, budget and institutions.

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