GeriGündem Turkey considers measures vs PKK, bodies of 2 missing soldiers found
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Turkey considers measures vs PKK, bodies of 2 missing soldiers found

The Turkish army said the bodies of two soldiers, missing since PKK's attack on Friday, were found as the operations in the region continue. (UPDATED)

The bodies of the two soldiers who had been reported missing were found by the Turkish Armed Forces, the army said in a statement posted in its website on Monday. The statement brought the number of soldiers killed in the attack to 17.


The PKK had attacked to an army post in the southeastern Turkey, killing 15 soldiers and injuring 20 others. Two soldiers were reported missing after the attack. The army said that 23 terrorists were killed in the clashes after the attack.


The terror organization on Monday has said it had the bodies of the missing soldiers, while a foreign news agency reported PKK held the soldiers but did not deny or confirm whether they are alive or not.



The Turkish military had intensified its operations against PKK terrorists after 15 soldiers were killed in an attack on a military outpost. It launched several air operations and continuous artillery shelling was reported both within Turkey and northern Iraq.


The Turkish army earlier said on Monday it launched two separate air operations against PKK positions in northern Iraq


The army said one of the two operations carried out on Sunday night and the other on Monday morning in the Avasin-Basyan area in northern Iraq, in a statement published on the General Staff website.


The strikes targeted outlawed PKK separatists who took part in Friday's attack, it said in a statement.


The Turkish planes returned safely to base after successfully striking their targets, the statement also said. The necessary precautions were shown to avoid civilian casualties, it added.


In another statement, the army said it launched an air operation against PKK terrorists in Buzul Dag in the southeastern province of Hakkari. The military did not give any details on the PKK's casualties.


The PKK is listed as a terrorist group by much of the international community including the United States and the EU.


The state-run Anatolian Agency said Turkish artillery hit the transit routes of PKK members and the shelters of the terror organization from the Aktutun station, the target of the Friday's bloody attack.


Clashes had erupted between terrorists and Turkish troops who were supported by the helicopters, the report added.



In Ankara, Erdogan held a 3.5-hour-meeting with ministers in the Counter Terrorism Higher Board to discuss the methods and measures that could be taken in the fight against terrorism.


No statement was made after the meeting.


The Board would hold a meeting on Thursday and some suggest the options that would be discussed include a major ground offensive into northern Iraq.


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