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    Turkey, China start talks on new Silk Road project

    Anatolian Agency
    16.10.2008 - 14:09 | Son Güncelleme:

    Turkish and Chinese officials have started talks over the revival of historical Silk Road for speed trains, one of the world's oldest trade route between the East and the West.

    Turkish State Minister for foreign trade Kursad Tuzmen said on Monday he had talks with a Chinese delegation led by Chinese Vice Minister for Railways Peng Kaizhou.


    "China has a great population and a great potential in global railway and road transport. China has a trade volume of $2.3 trillion and it will grow up to $10 trillion in the next few years. Joint projects with such a country would speed up our growth," Tuzmen said.


    "We aim to bring the transport route from China to Turkish Mediterranean port city of Mersin via Kazakhstan and to make a Silk Road for speed trains," he also said.


    Tuzmen said the project was found acceptable by both countries and added that officials of the two countries would work on it.

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