GeriGündem Turkey and US come to an agreement on Incirlik use
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Turkey and US come to an agreement on Incirlik use

The US government announced its recently reached agreement with Turkey over wider logistical use of the base at Incirlik in a one page declaration yesterday. Significantly, the agreement specificies that the US will respect the final authority of Turkey in decisions regarding the base, and that US forces will not use the base for any action in either Syria or Iran.

The one page announcement detailing features of the agreement is the result of 10 months of diplomatic back and forth on the part of both Turkey and the US. Incirlik has been the reason for increasing tension between Ankara and the US administration.
Some highlights from the annoucement, which was posted on website of the American Embassy in Ankara yesterday, are as follows:
****The base will only be used for logistical purposes
****After consulting with Turkey on the matter, there will be no changes made to the base itself
****We will use the base only for logistical purposes in connection only with our operations in Iraq and Afghanistan
****The base will not be used in connection with either Syria or Afghanistan
****We will not be carrying either soldiers or weapons into or out of the base
****There will be no changes made in the base
****We having been using Incirlik since 1945 with the permission of the Turkish government; in matter of cargo, we will respect the decision of the Turkish government
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