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    TRT Asked: How Will We Call The Greek Cypriot Singer?

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    28.04.2004 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    While work is under way at full speed for the Eurovision Song Contest, which will be held on May 15 at Abdi Ipekci Sports Hall in Istanbul, the presentation of the Greek Cypriot Section, which will attend the contest, caused inconvenience.The state-run Turkish Radio Television channel (TRT) asked from the Foreign Ministry about how the Greek Cypriot Section will be announced (as Turkey does not recognize the Greek Cypriot  administration as a state).After the Greek side rejected a settlement in Cyprus at the 24 April referendum, the presentation of Greek Cypriot singer at the Eurovision Song Contest became a problem. TRT applied to the Foreign Ministry seeking its advice.Before the referendum, the Foreign Ministry asked from  TRT to wait for the outcome of the poll  and did not see any inconvenience in the announcement of the island, which would have been officially "The United Republic of Cyprus," as Cyprus.  However, when the Greek Cypriot side said No at the referendum, TRT applied to the Ministry for the second time. No conclusion was reached at the meeting held at the Ministry yesterday morning.
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