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    Tragedy for the child who lost his name

    Hürriyet Haber
    26.02.2006 - 11:36 | Son Güncelleme:

    The shameful trial filed against 25 people including civil servants with allegations of rape of a 9 year-old boy two years ago in the city of Adana, has flared up once again with journalist Ahmet Altan having to pay the penalty. Altan was charged for pointing out that that nobody investigated the discrepancy between two reports regarding the case, while the Forensic Medicine Association of Adana stated that there was ‘no sign of buggery’, the Istanbul Forensic Medicine Association stated the opposite.

    The latest and even more confusing development is the recent report by the Istanbul Medical Associaton last November stating: “The examination of G.S. that took place on 28/09/2005 determines that despite amelioration, all the findings of the previous examination are still apparent. It has been unanimously observed that these findings are as likely to be a trauma caused by rape and sexual abuse as they are to be a result of the boy’s existing constipation, and it is medically impossible to draw a conclusion either way.” Although it appears as though this report could drastically change the course of the trial, nothing could change that not an inch of progress has been made and the indignation aroused by the claims. And the worst part is that nobody is worried about how the 11 year-old boy, the ‘hero’ in Altan’s article, the Child Who Lost His Name, will cope with the tragedy or how it will end.

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