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    Trabzon circle of suspects widens; Ogun Samast says "I am sorry I killed him"

    Hürriyet Haber
    24.01.2007 - 13:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    17 year old Trabzon resident Ogun Samast, who has admitted to shooting and killing journalist Hrant Dink in the Istanbul district of Sisli, ended his 8 pages of testimony to prosecutors yesterday with the words "I am very sorry that I killed Hrant Dink." Samast, who was first observed by psychologists, went before the prosecutors to give his version of the events surrounding the Friday afternoon murder.

    Samast is not the only person in custody for the murder of Hrant Dink at this point; Trabzon resident Yasin Hayal, who is thought to have given Samast the gun and the orders to kill the Armenian journalist, is also in police custody currently, as is Black Sea Technical University student Erhan Tuncel, who is thought to be one of the possible masterminds behind the plans. There are also several other young men being questioned by the police, several of whom appear to be linked with Tuncel, Hayal, and Samast.
    While investigating the murder of Hrant Dink, the police have also apparently stumbled upon important clues to last year's murder of the Italian priest, Andrea Santoro, which took place in Trabzon. Some of the suspects in Dink's murder have admitted to links to Santoro's killer.
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