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    Thousands Attended The Dawn Rite At Anzac Bay

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    26.04.2004 - 10:23 | Son Güncelleme:

    Anzacs, who came to Gallipoli Peninsula for the 89th anniversary of Dardanelle (Canakkale) Wars, commemorated their ancestors with the "Dawn Rite." At the ceremonies, the "Haka dance" by the New Zealander soldiers aroused great interest.

    The commemoration ceremony started at 1.00 p.m. at the New Zealand monument and lasted an hour. Although the Australian Foreign Ministry asked to be paid attention in arrivals to Turkey and warned for terror, the number of participants to the ceremony held yesterday at Anzac Bay doubled over the last year and 5000 tourists attended and this number increased to 12000 in the afternoon.


    The ceremonies ended without incidents or any violence. Anzacs commemorated their ancestors in peace. And the gendarme took strict security measures at the "Dawn Rite" of yesterday morning and no vehicles were permitted to enter the region other than Anzacs. At the Anzac Bay surrounded from shore and the sea, hundreds of blue bruised Turkish soldiers from Gallipoli 2nd Army Croops Commandership were appointed.

    The main big participation of New Zealander and Australian tourists, who arrived Canakkale three days before in small groups in order to attend the commemoration ceremonies of 89th anniversary of Anzac disembarkation, was realized yesterday.

    New Zealand Culture, Art and Historical Heritages Minister Judith Tizard and Australian Defense Minister Robert Hill, Canakkale's Deputy Governor Mustafa Guler and representatives from Germany, UK, France, Pakistan, India, Africa, Canada and Ireland attended the Dawn Rite. Australian Defense Minister Robert Hill said that the war at these
    territories tied the people of combating countries to each other and that there was no hostility there.


    Recalling Mustafa Kemal Ataturk's words in 1934 in respect of Australian and New Zealander mothers, New Zealander Culture and Art Minister Judith Tizard said that their ancestors were lying in each other's arms with the Turkish soldiers at these territories, that as Ataturk had said, "They are in the arms of the Turkish nation, our children from now on," that they would come to these amicable territories in the future as well for peace and

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