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    The giants begin to awake

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    09.02.2006 - 09:37 | Son Güncelleme:

    World leaders have begun to step forward to affirm that the caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed that have caused so much controversy in recent days went beyond limits of freedom of thought, and into the range of provocation. US President George W. Bush called on all governments to put a stop to protests against the caricatures. A brief overview of some world leaders' words on the matter:

    Chirac: Everything which harms religious belief should be avoided. Freedom of expression should be undertaken with a responsible soul. I condemn all provocative actions.

    Putin: I condemn this provocation. There is a job to be done by the country from which these unpleasant images emerged. The government which did nothing to prevent the publication of these caricatures should at least offer an official apology.

    Chirac: The re-publication of the caricatures was provocation
    Frency President Jacques Chirac characterized the re-publication of the controversial Danish caricatures in French magazine Charlie Hedbo as "provocation."
    The last issue of Charlie-Hedbo, which carried all 12 of the original Danish images

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