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    The favorites for IMF are Lemierre and Rato

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    05.04.2004 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    The European Union agreed on two names that it will suggest for the Presidency of IMF.At the summit held between the finance ministers of the European Union last weekend in Ireland, a decision to support French Jean Lemierre or Spanish Rodrigo Rato was taken for the chair which is vacant in Washington. It is expected now that the members of the EU to submit these two names to the approval of the other members of IMF, firstly the U.S. and to announce the candidate at the meetings of European Reconstruction and Development Bank to be realized in London on April 18-19. In the process of election of IMF President, the U.S., which makes the greatest contribution to the Fund, has the key position. At the election of Horst Höhler, who resigned recently, German Caio Koch-Waiser that was the main candidate of the EU was vetoed by the U.S. In the competition between the two European candidates, the pointer has turned to French Lemierre.
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