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    Tension reigns in TBMM as CHP denies it saw the EU framework document

    Hürriyet Haber
    06.10.2005 - 13:26 | Son Güncelleme:

    Tension from an argument between Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul and opposition CHP Party leader Deniz Baykal over whether Gul had sent a copy of the EU accession talks framework document to Baykal's CHP headquarters spilled onto the Turkish Parliament (TBMM) floor yesterday. Speaking at the general assembly yesterday about details from the accession talks start up, Gul noted that a copy of the critical framework document which Turkey had agreed to had been sent to all the political parties which are represented in Ankara.

     In response to this comment, shouts of "Nothing came to us" began to rise from the rows of seats in the assembly. Gul responded to these shouts by saying "We sent copies to your parties, they probably were not able to get them to you."  A little while later, CHP leader Baykal rose from his seat to say "You are insisting, but I just spoke with my secretary, and there are no documents which were sent to us." Gul continued to insist that the framework document had been sent out, and Baykal continued to deny it, until finally, leaving the podium, Gul personally carried over a copy of the document to where Baykal was sitting. With the document resting in Gul's outstretched hand, Baykal refused to take it, while persisting in his denial that it had ever been sent. Gul finally put the framework document down on Baykal's desk, and walked away, turning to take the document back with him angrily when Baykal said "We don't want it, you take it." While Gul's actions met with outcry from    



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