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    Straw issues warning on Turkey, Greeks are angered

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    09.09.2005 - 11:17 | Son Güncelleme:

    Recent written and spoken comments by British Foreign Minister Jack Straw on the subject of possible Turkish membership in the EU have elicited a strong response from Greek diplomatic authorities. An article by Straw , published in the International Herald Tribune, warned of the crossroads faced by Europe in terms of either choosing to cooperate with Turkey or closing its doors on itself.

    Then yesterday in London, at a conference dealing with possible Turkish EU membership, Straw noted to the audience that "the recent declaration by Turkey that it did not recognize Greek run Cyprus should not be allowed to hinder negotiations on Turkish EU memberhship."
    Greeks: Britain defending British and Turkish interests

    Greek governmental spokesperson Kipros Hrisostomidis responded to Straw's comments on the matter yesterday, saying "Britain is defending its own and Turkish interests while ignoring what other countries have been through."
    US puts pressure on EU to carry on with accession talks with Turkey
    The US, for its part, continues to put pressure on the EU to keep promises made to Turkey earlier on in the accession process. US State Department spokesperson Kurt Volker, following meetings between the State Department and EU and NATO authorities, noted that it was necessary for the EU to stay the course in accession talks already laid out with Turkey. Said Volker, "It is in the interest of the EU, Turkey, and even the US that accession talks begin as planned on October 3."
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