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    Statistics on honor-killings and suicides among women shock Ankara

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    29.01.2007 - 11:24 | Son Güncelleme:

    As a result of question posed by CHP Aydin MP Ozlem Cercioglu to State Minister Nimet Cubukcu, statistics on so-called "honor killings" and suicides among women in Turkey over the past 5 years have been revealed, causing wide upset among officials in Ankara and citizens alike.

    According to the statistics quoted by Minister Cubukcu, there have been 1,806 women killed in honor killings over the past 5 years, and another 5,375 suicides by women in the same period of time.

    Responding to the dramatic statistics provided by Cubukcu, who is herself the AKP-appointed cabinet minister in charge of Women and Family Affairs, MP Cercioglu said "Seeing these figures, we realize we face a scary tableau. What is the result of the struggle we have made so far against honor killings? These results are not acceptable. It is clear that the primary responsibility here lies with the government. I call on everyone, starting with Minister Cubukcu, to get involved in a more serious and decisivie struggle against these incidents. And with the suicides, there must be research done into the sociological aspects to this."


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