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    Spy Aircraft Project with Israel

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    02.02.2005 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    Turkey is now discussing with Israel, the 'intelligence-purpose spy aircraft project' as it wants to monitor movements in its East and South Eastern borders. Israeli Chief of Staff General Moshe Yaalon and Turkish Chief of Staff General Hilmi Yavuz discussed three projects in Ankara yesterday. The projects discussed were: Outside Body by Israel These included the unmanned aircraft manufacturing. Turkey wants to have the three-system type and wants only to buy its external parts from Israel. It wants to produce its internal system that will contain intelligence information, by itself.  F-4 Modernization The second issue has been the modernization of the 48 F-4 aircraft. The problem here is the question of where the work will be carried out. Turkey wants to carry it out in Eskisehir while Israel does not favor it.  Aged F-16s Turkey plans to open into a half-life modernization bid for the F-16s which were produced in TAI and named as 330 Blocks. Israel wants to modernize these.
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