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    Spending a day in Beyoğlu

    Hürriyet Daily News
    25.04.2009 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    ISTANBUL - Sparing just one day to visit Beyoğlu absolutely would not be enough. From its historical building structures to restaurants, passages and bars, the town has much to offer everyone.

    Just as it is home to coffee shops such as Gloria Jeans and Starbucks for your morning coffee, it also presents passages that offer you plenty of opportunities to shop at affordable prices. The eccentric atmosphere of these small thrift shops and jewelry stores are so much more inviting and fun than today’s shopping malls. Atlas Pasajı and Aznavur Pasajı are among the most well known passages on İstiklal Street.

    For bookworms, the Aslıhan Passage, just across from the British Consulate, is the perfect spot to visit, with secondhand books in every language scattered in small shops that cover two floors. As an afternoon snack, do not forget to drop by Balık Pasajı. Here you can get fried mussels and follow the same path back to İstiklal Street.

    Once the night settles in and the lights start to shine, you may chose to couple your dinner with a beautiful view of the Bosphorus. Fine dinner locations to do so include "5. Kat" in Cihangir and "Leb-i Derya" on the Kumbaracı Yokuşu, nearby the Tunnel area. But always keep in mind that you may have to bear with climbing a few stairs to feast your eye.
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