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    Sezer asked for annulment of some articles of anti-terrorism law

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    04.08.2006 - 11:49 | Son Güncelleme:

    Turkish President Ahmet Necdet Sezer made an appeal on Friday to the Constitutional Court asking for the annulment of the 5th and 6th articles of the Law amending the Anti-Terrorism Law, actually in force. The 5th article (of the amended law), which Sezer wanted to be annulled, makes an addition to the 4th paragraph of the Article 6th of Anti-Terrorism Law no:3713.

    According to Art.5, if press or media hint that terrorist organizations would commit a crime against certain people (with/without clearly revealing name); reveal the name of  public officials (who take part in fight against terrorism) or point to them as target; owners and editors of the media organizations will be penalized (even if they were not involved in the crime).

    The same article also envisages cessation of publication (for a period of 15 to 30 days) of a newspaper that openly incites people committing crime, eulogizing crimes by terrorist organization and/or criminals; or makes the propaganda of the terrorist organization.

    Article 6th, which Sezer also wanted to be annulled, amends Article 7th of the current Anti-Terrorism Law.

    Under this article, in case the propaganda of the terrorist organization is made through media channels, owners and editors of the media organizations will be sentenced to fines.

    It was recalled that President Sezer had earlier signed the law but stated that he would apply to the Constitutional Court asking the cancellation of certain articles of the Anti-Terrorism Law.  


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