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    Sentence Of Former DEP Deputies Upheld

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    21.04.2004 - 14:21 | Son Güncelleme:

    The No 1 State Security Court of Ankara upheld the sentence of 15-year-prison each for the former deputies of banned Democracy Party (DEP), namely Leyla Zana, Hatip Dicle, Orhan Dogan and Selim Sadak.

    The court tribunal repeated with unamity, the 15-year heavy imprisonment sentence given for Dicle and Zana, Diyarbakir's former deputies from DEP, Dogan and Sadak, Sirnak's former deputies from DEP, at the end of  trials held according to the Article 168 (2) of the Turkish Criminal Code regulating the "membership to illegal organization" and Article 5 of the Anti-Terror Law. The four deputies will be free in 2005.

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