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    SEDAT ERGIN: Is Turkey ready to Recognize 25th EU member?

    Hürriyet Haber
    23.04.2004 - 10:12 | Son Güncelleme:

    “Unless a big surprise occurs tomorrow, A no vote is expected from Southern Cyprus and a No vote from the North. Let us try to predict the things which Turkey will come across in this likely scenario:

    “In short range, the Turkish Cypriot side will find itself at a higher platform for displaying the will for a settlement and its hand extended to Greeks for cooperation was not eciprocated...The Turkish side will be applauded for a long time and Greek Cypriot side, criticized. Then, the pressure on the Turkish Cypriot side since 1974, might be reduced. Resultantly, the embargo on TRNC will get loose, its airports and ports will open to international transportation and it will be able to compete in international sports competition...Similarly, Turkey’s communication with the world will relax.

    “However, there are also strained consequences awaiting Turkey. The first problem will be the full EU membership of the Greek Cypriots under the title of “Cyprus Republic.” That is to say, exactly in eight days, Turkey will find a 25-member EU, with Greek Cypriots among them. So, until when Turkey can maintain its policy of not recognizing the Greek Cypriot Administration? Unless it intends to terminate its institutional relationship with EU, Turkey will eventually have to recognize them as “The Cyprus Republic.

    “...The European Union which so far showed utmost care in admitting problem-free countries as members, is now set to import a clear dispute. And it will soon realize its grave judgement mistake, by its chronic head aches.”

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