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    Sea species to be on view

    24.12.2008 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    ISTANBUL - Istanbul will soon have a big aquarium in Florya district. The foundation was laid in 2003 and, with quick construction under a build-operate-transfer model, the underwater attraction is now preparing to open its doors.

    The aquarium built in the shape of a fish on a 100,000 square meter area will have 1,100 different types of fish and sea species. The Florya Sea Aquarium, planned to open in early 2009, will have a shopping mall, hotel, congress halls and an entertainment center.

    The final design is different than the first design for the aquarium. The main design theme of the finished aquarium, which has single story above ground, is "straits that connect seas."

    Sunken boats, coral reefs, cafes and restaurants will be a part of the aquarium. Constructing the aquarium with build-operate-transfer model İstanbul Akvaryum Company will manage the place for 30 years. The company will pay YTL 4.5 million rent to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality per year.

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