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    Saudi King Abdullah: Our relations with Turkey are spiritual

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    09.08.2006 - 09:38 | Son Güncelleme:

    Saudi Arabian King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz El Suud and a 300 person delegation arrived yesterday in Ankara with 7 private airplanes. An opinion column in yesterday's Zaman newspaper written by Saudi Ambassador to Ankara, Muhammed Racaa Abdullah El-Huseyni, asserted that the king's visit to Turkey was a sign of the important relations between the two countries.

    El-Huseyni recalled in his article words spoken by the Saudi king in reference to Turkey at an earlier date: "The ties that bind our sibling country Turkey to us are not the usual ones, but rather spiritual ones which are based on shared beliefs. Which is why any calculations of various financial interests in eachother are useless in terms of making our relations more valuable. Likewise, any financial damage we incur to eachother cannot weaken our relations."
    The Saudi Embassy in Ankara allocated a total of 160 vehicles to the king's entourage for the visit to Turkey, among which were 30 top model Mercedes.  In another note from the visit, it was observed that King Abdullah wore specially designed shoes during his visit to Cankaya Presidential Palace, shoes which were meant to imitate the comfort of the sandals he generally wears while in Saudi Arabia, but which conform to the more wintery style of shoes seen in the diplomatic world in Turkey and much of the world.
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