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    Russian Muftu calls for reaction against homosexuals' planned march

    Hürriyet Haber
    16.02.2006 - 09:46 | Son Güncelleme:

    A marched planned by homosexuals in Moscow for late May has elicited a reaction from Russian Muftu Talgat Tacuddin, who has called for people to try and beat the marchers on the day they take to the streets.

    Noting that in neither Islam nor in Christianity are sexual relations outside of male-female relation recognized or allowed, Tacuddin said "These people cannot display their perverted behavior in the middle of the street to society. Let them do what they want in the dark corners of their own homes. Do not let them ruin the moral values of the society while presenting this as some sort of new fashion. If they come into the open, they deserve nothing but beatings."

    In a response to this call from the Muftu, Nikolay Aleksayav, a homosexual rights representative in Moscow, said that his group would be opening up a court case against Tacuddin for "using religion to encourage oppression and violence in the society." The Russian Orthodox Church meanwhile has expressed support for the Muftu in the recent war of words between the two sides.

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