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    Russia boosts gas exports to Turkey after blast

    Hurriyet English with wires
    27.05.2008 - 16:58 | Son Güncelleme:

    Russia will increase natural gas exports to Turkey after an explosion on a gas pipeline from Iran in eastern Turkey reduced supplies, a spokesman for Russian gas giant Gazprom said on Tuesday.

    "Gazprom has increased supplies of Russian gas from 22 to 30 million cubic meters per day through the Blue Stream gas pipeline after an accident on a gas pipeline lowered supplies of Iranian gas to Turkey," the spokesman said, the AFP reported.

    Gazprom "took this decision after a request from Ankara," he added.

    The blast, the cause of which remains unknown, occurred several kilometers (miles) from the Iranian border in the eastern Turkish province of Agri, governor Mehmet Cetin told the Anatolian Agency.

    Turkish authorities have cut the gas flow through the pipeline, which usually amounts to 29 million cubic meters a day. The pipeline runs from the Iranian city of Tabriz to Ankara.

    Photo: Hurriyet Archives

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