GeriGündem Religious leaders gather at UNFPA forum in Istanbul
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Religious leaders gather at UNFPA forum in Istanbul

Executive director of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) said on Monday that many young girls could not even dream of a better a life and different interpretations of religious beliefs.

The UNFPA brought together leaders from Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Christian and Muslim religions at a forum in Istanbul on Monday.

Human rights should focus on everybody, without making any distinctions between men and women, the young or the old, UNFPA's Executive Director Thoraya Ahmed Obaid told at the forum.

Obaid, born to a Muslim family from Medina, said she could become the person she was today thanks to education.

Obaid said not every young girl had the opportunity to get education in today's world.

Addressing the religious leaders attending the forum, Obaid said all religious beliefs depended on basic principles, one of which was the right to live an honorable life.

Religious leaders have a certain moral authority among the members of their communities, and therefore have the power to provide better living conditions for their followers, she said.

Nearly 75 religious leaders and representatives of different religious groups are attending UNFPA's forum in Istanbul. Issues such as "AIDS", "Reproduction Health", "Social Gender Equality", "Violence Against Women", "Making Motherhood Safer" and "Strengthening Women" will be discussed during the forum.


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