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Recipe for recovery

It was declared that 12 year-old Osman Senmemis, discharged from Ondokuzmayis University Faculty of Medicine Hospital following his ‘miraculous treatment’ lasting just six days, owes his quick recovery to a healthy immune system and early treatment of the illness. Professor Fadil Ozturk, lecturer in Paediatrics at the Faculty of Medicine at Ondokuzmayis University where the treatment was administered, stated that the most important factor in the boy’s quick recovery was his immediate hospitalisation, following the detection of the virus.

This is what he said: “He came to us, complaining of throat and head aches, and a little feverish. The fact that he had direct contact with dead poultry several days before his arrival, strengthened the possibility of infection by the avian influenza virus. We began treatment immediately, administering the drug, Tamiflu, whose active ingredient is ‘oseltamivrir phosphate’. We started with an initial dose of one capsule a day, and increased the dose of Tamiflu to one in the morning and one in the evening once the boy was diagnosed with avian influenza.”
Despite his early recovery, after just three days, officials preferred to keep him in hospital, as a precautionary measure.

• Strong immune system
• Immediate hospitalisation
• Tamiflu taken mornings and evenings

Same formula in Van

Doctors at Van’s Yuzuncu Yil University Hospital, who treated 10 year-old Sumeyye and 18 year-old cousin Nesibe Mamuk, diagnosed with avian influenza, stated that it was early diagnosis and treatment of the disease that lead to their recovery. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Faik Oner attributed the deaths of Muammet Ali, Fatma and Hulya Kocyigit, also brought to the hospital in Van, to late diagnosis and delay in their treatment.

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