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    Rallies in Support of Ocalan

    Hürriyet Haber
    16.02.2005 - 12:30 | Son Güncelleme:

    Thirty four people were injured at rallies held across Turkey yesterday to celebrate the sixth anniversary of "the detention of PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan". The celebrations were held by supporters of Ocalan. Police clashed with crowds of people protesting the detention six years ago of Ocalan in Kenya.

    Rallies were held throughout Turkey in the following cities: Diyarbakir, Yuksekova/Hakkari, Sirnak, Batman, Van, Izmir Mersin, Adana and Iskenderun/Hatay. While 34 people were injured at the incidents, 67 people were taken into custody. In Siirt and Yuksekova/Hakkari; artisans closed their shutters.

    A DEHAP partisan group that wished to march to the Istanbul Consulate General of Greece with the slogans in favour of terror organization PKK's leader Abdullah Ocalan was disseminated. The group that convened yesterday around 1 pm at Galatasaray Square held a placard signed "DEHAP Province Organization." When the police blocked the group, ten people left a black garland in front of the Greek Consulate General.

    While a press statement was made on behalf of the group, a foreign daily printed a full-page photo of Abdullah Ocalan.

    Immediately after starting a speech, DEHAP Istanbul Province Chairman Cemal Kavak was stopped when police intervened as he was saying: "The detention of Esteemed Abdullah Ocalan...".

    Some people from the group ripped up paving slabs and threw them at police. While the demonstrators were running away the glass of some businesses and a banks were broken.

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