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    Racist ad in Australia draws anger from Turkish community

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    15.09.2005 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    An Australian recyclable paper firm has caused widespread outrage and anger with an advertisement using four members of the Melbourne Turkish community. In a picture imitating the famous cover of the Beatles' Abbey Road album, the four Turkish men are shown crossing a street, following eachother on a crosswalk. Underneath, the legend says "We get enough rubbish from overseas without importing recycled paper." The four men in the picture have complained that they were not told prior to the photoshoot what would be written underneath the picture. The firm, called Reflex, has yet to comment on the matter.  One of the four men, 52 year old Ismet Gungordu, who emigrated to Australia 25 years ago, said he and his friends were tricked: "They promised us $3,200 all together, and said it would be an entertaining photo shoot. In around 2 hours, they shot 200 pictures of us. We thought everything had gone well. Then we saw the ad. They have put us in a strange position. I don't know whether there are Armenians or Greeks who are against Turkey in the ad firm. Whether or not we should open a court case against them, and what we should do, I am not sure."
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