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    Queue of Looters

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    29.10.2003 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    Justice Minister Cemil Cicek said that after the motion of Pincer Movement against Looters was forwarded to Parliament, the owners of the bankrupt banks formed a queue to meet him. Cicek said that after the motion foreseeing an amendment in the Banking Law was forwarded to Parliament, the bosses of the bankrupt banks started to ask him for an appointment one after another and asked, “Where have you been?” Cicek, who did not want to disclose the names of these bosses, said that they should not ask for appointment, rather they should pay their debt. Cicek said that billions of dollars were looted through these banks and that the aim of the motion, which was also deemed as “the Pincer Movement against Looters,” was to pave the way for collecting debts to the state, and hence, to the public. Cicek said, “A significant portion of the properties of those, who caused this swamp, are not registered in their names. In other words, they benefit from the income of these properties but companies or other possessions are recorded as if these people did not own them. That is, the liability does not belong to them.”On criticisms regarding the motion, Cicek said, “Of course we will take constructive comments into account. However what I see is that most of those criticizing the motion had not said a word when these banks were being looted. Some people are trying to save themselves fearing that the motion may affect them in the future.” Cicek said that the government was determined to pass the motion from Parliament.
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