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    Pushing buttons to protect Gökova

    Doğan News Agency
    15.01.2009 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    MUĞLA - One of the more breathtakingly beautiful parts of the Aegean Region, Gökova has recently suffered from lack of interest. Now a project aims to protect this area and help promote its importance to residents and children.

    Thanks to recent projects, Gökova is on the way to returning to its former splendor.

    The area in the Akyaka district in the city of Muğla used to be where the green forests met the blue of the Mediterranean but recently it has suffered from neglect.

    That situation may be changing soon, as a series of projects, financed by the European Union aims to help Gökova protect its natural beauty.

    "Financed by the European Union, the main objective of the programs is to save Gökova, and to protect the natural, archeological and environmental wonders in the region", said Dr. Atilla Yücel, project coordinator.

    Held to conclude the preparatory stage of SMAP III Gökova Project, the 27th Advisory Board Meeting took place in the Gökova EU Project Office in Muğla’s Akyaka district with the participation of local authorities.

    Highlighting that they concluded the main parts and the management plan of the project, Yücel also added: "We will hold workshops and panels on such subjects as the natural life in Gökova, Sedir Island, sea pollution, fishing and coastal erosion."

    In touch with NGOs
    "We got the opinion of nongovernmental organizations about the targets and the applications. One of the world’s most beautiful districts, Gökova, will be protected through this project", Yücel said, adding that the main target of the SMAP III Gökova Project was to prepare a management plan for the Gökova Internal Bay and Sedir Island with the participation of the local organizations and residents.

    The project also focuses on educating the children on how precious Gökova is, and how it needs to be protected. "We have started work to endear the project to the children. The school children are especially interested in the notebooks, books and pencils telling of the natural life in Gökova", said Ünül Çakıcı, Ula local governor.

    "We have also started a campaign to familiarize residents with this need for awareness," added Çakıcı.

    "It is quite satisfactory for the European Union to seriously support this project," the governor explained, hoping that this project would be taken as an example for other areas seeking for some help. "The Gökova project will be a model in Turkey."
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