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    12.04.2004 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    FERAI TINCI watched moment-by-moment in Burgenstock how my Greek Cypriot colleagues who said they were very much for a settlement in Cyprus, started shifting, when the details of the Annan Plan started getting clarified.“They were to be EU member in any case, so why should they bother? Now they did not need such an agreement which restricted their free circulation. One of these, with tears in his eyes, even said “I believe neither in the UN nor the European Union any more. Where are the values which they defend? What is a solution for if I am not to return to my home?” “ “Those in the Turkish side who were for a solution, were not at ease either. They had worries of similar weight. Basaran Duzgun, the Editor of Cyprus newspaper, said “I am in mixed feelings. We always fought for a solution. Greek Cypriot were together with us. But now I see that their approach was different.” Yes, the understandings are different, and this is not the first example. “....AKEL had previously implicated that it will say a Yes in the referendum. This was important because the party has a significant weight to influence the decision in the South. But this did not happen. AKEL could not do that. Instead it made an interesting proposal to postpone the referendum, after they became EU members. With the confidence that once they are admitted as members to EU on May 1, their problems will be removed by EU, AKEL proposed to postpone the referendum, hoping that Turks will be under big pressure after May 1. “I think it is too late now. Those who made a promise in New York, do not have the right to evade now. “After being insulted for 30 years as occupier, we are for the first time headed to a respectable and honorable position. Turkey is opening the door for the first time to a just solution. The government is saying Yes. Acts together with the international community, to establish a new state... “
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