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    Politics appears to play grand role in US acceptance of Armenian genocide resolutions

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    16.09.2005 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    The Foreign Relations Committee of the US House of Representatives voted yesterday to accpet two resolutions on the so-called Armenian genocide. Voted in by an overwhelming majority of committee members, one of the resolutions calls on Turkey to accept the Armenian genocide, and to breach the current conflict between Ankara and Yerevan. The second resolution calls on the US President to officially recognize the genocide, and for this to be reflected in speeches and announcements made annually on April 24, the day many Armenians have put aside as a genocide remembrance day. In speeches of the Foreign Relations Committee members, March 1, 2003, the day the Turkish Parliament (TBMM) voted not to allow US access through Turkey to Northern Iraq, played a role in the committee's decision to pass the resolutions. Said California Congressman Tom Lantos, "If the Turks had given permission, many fewer Americans would have died. I also find Turkey's approach to Syria inexplicable. Those who want support from us should show us support. I support the passage of these resolutions." Also mentioned in the committee's discussion were recent accusations from Turkish authorities towards writer Orhan Pamuk, as well as president of the TBMM's Human Rights Commission, Mehmet Elkatmis's words that "The US is carrying out a genocide in Iraq."  Whether or not the resolutions accepted by the Foreign Relations Committee ever actually make it to the floor of the House remains to be seen.
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