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    Poetry Award presented for Nazım Hikmet

    Anatolia News Agency
    28.04.2009 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    ISTANBUL - The International Nazım Hikmet Poetry Award was given to Danish poet Erik Stinus at the closing ceremony of the Istanbul Beyoğlu Poetry Festival, which was held over the weekend at the Hagia Eireni Museum. The ceremony started with a concert by the State Opera and Ballet String Instruments Quartet.

    "Our goal is to keep the memory of Nazım Hikmet alive and make her works known all around the world," said festival director Salih Zeki Tombak.

    "This year, it was decided to award Stinus the poetry award, which the Nazım Hikmet Foundation for Culture and Arts has handed out every year since 1995," said Tombak. He said Stinus drew the reader away from the ironic character of Danish poem. "We decided to give this award to Stinus due to his humanistic approach to his work and lifetime success," he said.

    Following the speeches, Iranian poet Naser Feyz and Irish poet Nuala D’hannail read poems. Stinus could not attend the ceremony due to health problems.

    Born in 1934, Stinus met Nazım Hikmet at the Berlin World Youth Festival in 1954 and was affected by him. He has written many poems and books.
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