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    PM Erdogan speaks about upcoming EU decision: Turkey's course will not change

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    03.10.2005 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    A last minute message from Ankara to the EU was sent by Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who asserted to the EU that "with your decision on Turkey, you will be either a global actor, or remain a Christian club." PM Erdogan noted that whatever decision emerges from the EU ministers, Turkey will not be turned back from its road. Speaking to a meeting of his Justice and Development (AKP) Party members in Kizilcahamam, PM Erdogan also gave these messages: We are at a crossroads Today, as a people, we are at a critical crossroads. We are passing through a critical test. Turkey's intentions about the future are being tested. Turkey will either continue on with the decisions it made to change on November 3, 2002, or it will decide to shut off that option and close in on itself.  The goal is the same Our goals for the future of our people are not indexed on any date in particular. We call to the people of Europe from here: we are at a critical point in our dreams of 42 marathon towards the EU. But our course is not going to change today or tomorrow.  The EU's test We have done more than was even given to us in terms of responsibility for getting the accession talks started. When we asked whether there was anything left for us to do, we received the answer that there wasn't. We passed this test of intention with the sweat of our palms and foreheads, and now it is the turn of the EU. Now they have to pass the test.  There is no return No matter what decision they make, we are making our own decision. But whatever decision is forthcoming will not change or turn back the steps that have been taken in terms of democracy, freedom, and human rights in Turkey.  EU's decision about itself The decision from the EU is as much about their future as it is about the future of Turkey. They will either become a global actor, or remain a forever a Christian club.  Turkey will continue on its road, in strength We are satisfied and comfortable. We are strong, and will continue our road in this strength, whether it is the Copenhagen Criteria or the Ankara Criteria. The reforms of Turkey have not been made for the agenda of daily politics, but with the country's future in mind.
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