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    PKK attack toll: 12 dead, 7 widowed, 22 left fatherless

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    02.10.2007 - 13:07 | Son Güncelleme:

    Reverberations are continuing from the terror attack which killed 12 villagers in a minibus outside of the southeastern city of Sirnak. The PKK ambush on the minibus left the village of Besagac in deep mourning, with a total of 22 children left without their fathers, and 7 widows grieving their husbands.

    Many of the men killed in the attack were in fact "village guards," though relatives have told reporters following the attack that amongst the entire group, there was only one gun on hand for defense. Said one villager, Tahir Acer, who lost many relatives in the attack, "Our cousins were not going to war. They had simply been working on a water canal outside the village in order that the village get running water. They had one gun amongst them." The PKK terrorists who attacked the minibus, which had been heading back to Besagac for the evening Ramazan "iftar" meal, strafed the minibus from an ambush on both sides of the road, using Kalashnikof and Bixi type rifles.
    In the meantime, three government cabinet ministers are heading towards Besagac today to express condolences from Ankara. Interior Minister Besir Atalay, Agricultural Minister Mehdi Eker, and State Minister Mehmet Simsek will all be heading to the region to speak with the villagers about what needs to be done in the wake of the attack this past weekend.
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